Consumer goods and services

Perspetivo supports decision-makers in companies offering products and/or services to individuals by providing representative data from all consumer groups. Leveraging our deep understanding of the Nordic population’s consumption patterns, we transform data into meaningful insights about your existing and desired target groups. Our goal is to provide accurate insights for decisions makers to create more attractive, reliable, and sustainable brands, products, and services for all. Through tailored surveys and fully representative panels, we keep decision-makers up-to-date with the present and future trends.

Challenges due to Lack of Representative Data

Data Reflecting Societal Diversity in Perspective

Insufficiently representative data can lead to misinformed decisions and missed sales opportunities. Incorrect strategies, products, and services failing to align with actual consumer needs can result.

Brand Damage

Consumer understanding can lead to dissatisfaction, damaging a company's brand and reputation.

Decreased Competitive Advantage

Without representative and accurate customer insight, companies risk lagging behind their more insight-driven and inclusive competitors.

Inefficient Marketing

Marketing efforts may falter if they're not based on representative customer insights, leading to ineffective resource utilization.


Access to representative panels that reflect society's diversity and perspectives.

The opportunity to create a tailored panel representing the target group you want to understand more about.

The capability to conduct up to four surveys per year.

Access to comparative data to give your insights a broader context.

Trust-building, language-adapted, and inclusive user journeys for panelists

Access to statistical expertise - 8 hours per month

Choose the solution that suits you best

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Demographic overview - subscription

Powerful collection of premium SCB data and open data

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Representative panel - subscription & single surveys

Unique panel reflecting the Nordic population, including minority groups

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Tailored panel - subscription

A unique panel reflecting your existing or desired target group. Ex. specific municipality or consumer.

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Impact Data Incubator

The first incubator in the Nordics with a focus on the public sector and the real estate industry

Perspetivo is a member of Esomar

ESOMAR is a global organization that brings together professionals in the fields of market research, social research, and opinion polling. Being a member of ESOMAR is a quality mark that shows that a research company meets high standards, which underscores the member’s commitment to ethical and quality surveys. Membership provides access to international resources and proven methods. Perspetivo was granted membership in 2023.