Representative data from all societal and consumer groups leads to precise and reliable decision-making support. The media industry is undergoing a transformation. With our in-depth understanding of the Nordic population’s media consumption, we transform data into meaningful insights and support our clients in sustainable and inclusive organizational development, as well as the development of relevant content.

Our goal is to help our clients become and remain relevant – in the present and future.


Unreliable Reporting

Lack of representative insights can lead media companies to base their reports on unreliable or biased information, which can diminish the trustworthiness of their reporting.

Lost Audience

If the content of a media company does not align with the interests or needs of the audience, it can result in lost readers, viewers, or listeners.

Missed Trends

Without representative insights, media companies can miss important trends, which can result in missed opportunities to engage their audience.

Poorly Targeted Ads

With a lack of reliable customer insights, ad placement and marketing efforts can become ineffective, leading to a waste of resources.


Representative and tailored panels

Perspetivo provides access to both representative panels that reflect the entire society's media consumption and tailored panels for specific viewer or reader groups.

Regular audience surveys

With a standard annual subscription, up to four surveys per year are available, allowing you to continuously track and understand your audience.

Comparative data and statistical expertise

Access to comparative data and statistical expertise helps media companies evaluate their performance and interpret data in a meaningful way.

Choose the solution that suits you best

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Demographic overview - subscription

Powerful collection of premium SCB data and open data

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Representative panel - subscription & single surveys

Unique panel reflecting the Nordic population, including minority groups

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Tailored panel - subscription

A unique panel reflecting your existing or desired target group. Ex. specific municipality or consumer.

Perspetivo is a member of Esomar

ESOMAR is a global organization that brings together professionals in the fields of market research, social research, and opinion polling. Being a member of ESOMAR is a quality mark that shows that a research company meets high standards, which underscores the member’s commitment to ethical and quality surveys. Membership provides access to international resources and proven methods. Perspetivo was granted membership in 2023.