Other Organizations

Non-profit organizations, industry organizations, interest organizations, and more

Perspetivo facilitates insightful decision-making for non-profit organizations, industry organizations, and interest organizations by providing them access to representative data. We assist our clients in understanding the views of their target audience and group about their organization and the well-being of these groups through our national panels or by creating tailor-made panels specific to our clients’ needs. We also conduct surveys directly through the member bases of our client organizations. 

With a deep understanding of the Nordic population, we convert data into meaningful insights, contributing to the efficiency and relevance of our clients. Our ambition is to create more inclusive and less polarized societies.

Organisations we work with

Perspetivo is a member of Esomar

ESOMAR is a global organization that brings together professionals in the fields of market research, social research, and opinion polling. Being a member of ESOMAR is a quality mark that shows that a research company meets high standards, which underscores the member’s commitment to ethical and quality surveys. Membership provides access to international resources and proven methods. Perspetivo was granted membership in 2023.