Perspetivo as a Verifying Entity for Sustainability-Linked Loans

Sustainability-linked loans have become a crucial tool for promoting sustainable development across various sectors. These loans offer financial incentives to companies that achieve specific sustainability goals, which in turn helps improve both environmental and social sustainability. But how can we ensure that these sustainability goals are truly met and that the data is reliable and representative?

Sustainability-linked loans are financial instruments where the loan terms are tied to a company’s performance in various sustainability areas. This can include everything from reducing carbon emissions to improving social indicators such as employee well-being or community satisfaction. Loan conditions can be adjusted based on how well the company meets its sustainability targets, creating a strong incentive structure for sustainable development.


Measuring social sustainability means focusing on creating and maintaining a high quality of life for all people, now and in the future. This includes areas such as inclusion, participation, health, well-being, education, safety, equality, and justice. Perspetivo offers tools and methods to accurately measure these aspects, thereby contributing to the creation of more sustainable communities.

Measurable social sustainability is not only necessary to meet sustainability goals, but it is also a key factor for long-term business success. By providing reliable data and insights, we not only help our clients achieve their goals but also create better conditions for other stakeholders to make more accurate risk assessments,” says Ella Schauman, CFO at Perspetivo.

Perspetivo can act as an independent verifying entity that ensures companies meet their sustainability targets by offering reliable and representative data.

Here are some ways Perspetivo contributes:

Representative Data Collection:

By collecting data from all segments of the population, including so-called hard-to-reach* groups, Perspetivo ensures that the insights gathered reflect the entire target audience, making them more reliable. This is crucial for measuring social sustainability and ensuring that all voices are heard.

Tools for Continuous Measurement:

With Perspetivo’s digital platform, data can be collected continuously, enabling real-time tracking of sustainability goals. This is particularly important for identifying trends and quickly taking action when needed.

Independent Verification:

As a third party, Perspetivo can provide independent verification of a company’s sustainability outcomes. This ensures that the reported effects are accurate.

Customized Analyses and Reports:

By offering tailored analyses and reports, Perspetivo can provide insights specifically adapted to each company’s unique sustainability goals and challenges. This includes detailed reports highlighting progress and identifying areas for improvement.

Perspetivo offers a methodology that ensures social sustainability goals are credibly verified, as representative data is essential for measurable social sustainability. Measuring social sustainability can often be perceived as challenging and somewhat abstract. However, with accurate data and a focus on what and how we measure, the sustainability impacts of social initiatives can be assessed just as effectively as those in the climate area.


*This often includes foreign-born Swedes, youth, and people with literacy difficulties.