Perspetivo is a panel and insight platform that invites and includes all perspectives and voices – no matter who you are and where you’re from. Our purpose is to create a space for you to be heard. In return, we’ll reward you by awarding points that can be traded for vouchers from the largest retailers in the Nordics.

Our partner Huuray allows you to use the points you receive from us and trade them for vouchers at all their brand partners such as Zalando, H&M, Nike, NetOnNet and many more.

You also have the opportunity to use your points for charitable purposes by donating them to organizations that make a real impact for those in need.

How it works


You will receive somewhere between 75 to 175 points for every survey you complete – depending on the length of the survey.


For every friend you invite to Perspetivo, you’ll receive 200 points. Your friend needs to have completed a certain amount of surveys before becoming a contributor and you receive your points.


When you’ve reached 1 500 points, you will be able to convert them to 200 SEK in order to exchange them to either receive a voucher worth 200 SEK or donate them for charitable purposes. You are also able to donate 750, 500 or 250 points as well.


If you choose to exchange points for a voucher – you will be able to pick a retailer via Huuray. If you choose to donate your points – you’ll pick the organization you wish to donate your points to via a simple process.

Make sure your voice is being heard