Customised Panel

We create customized, representative digital panels consisting of randomly selected individuals to mirror desired demographics/groups, such as residents in relevant municipalities or specific sub-target groups. Each panel comprises a minimum of 450 individuals, depending on the geographical size and population. Through the panel, we conduct rapid and efficient quantitative surveys to access reliable data and pinpoint insights accurately. We are the sole provider in the Nordic region offering this product.

Fast, Efficient, and Reliable Citizen Dialogue:

Subscribe to your specific target group and ask questions directly.

Increased Reliability through Representative Data:

Our data collection includes voices and perspectives from the entire population, even groups that are usually underrepresented, which provides increased reliability and a complete picture of your target group or society at large.

Flexible Sampling Group:

Our data reflects the rich diversity and complexity - from a national level down to individual postal code areas. We also offer target group and language-adapted surveys.

Choose the solution that suits you best

Representative National Panel

Unique panel reflecting the Nordic population, including minority groups

Subscription & Individual Surveys

Customized Panel

A unique panel reflecting your existing or desired target group. Ex. specific municipality or consumer.