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At Perspetivo, we use the latest technology and modern methods in our panel research platform – offering data that truly represents everyone. This means that we collect views and perspectives from all parts of the population, including minority groups and groups that historically have been considered difficult to reach for research purposes. Having data that represents everyone helps make our surveys more reliable.

Modern Technology and Methods:

We use modern technology and innovative methods in our own platform for panel surveys, ensuring high-quality and representative data.

Increased Reliability through Representative Data:

Our data collection includes voices and perspectives from the entire population, even groups that are usually underrepresented, which provides increased reliability and a complete picture of your target group or society at large.

Flexible Sampling Group:

Our data reflects the rich diversity and complexity - from a national level down to individual postal code areas. We also offer target group and language-adapted surveys.

Our Surveys

Market research

Market Research

Perspetivo’s market research utilises the power of representative data to provide a comprehensive view of market trends. We offer tailor-made research and analyses that capture consumer behaviours and market dynamics, giving our clients invaluable insights for effective marketing strategies and competitive advantages.

Opinion Polls

Perspetivo’s opinion polls are based on representative data with the purpose of providing an accurate overview of opinions and views. Our thorough analysis of the public’s perspectives gives our clients a deep understanding of societal trends and opinions, which is critical for shaping effective strategies and communication efforts.

Societal Research

Perspetivo empowers community stakeholders by providing reliable surveys and creating effective, inclusive citizen dialogues through our representative resident and citizen panels. We provide you with the needs, views, and insights of all Swedes, including those from minority groups, through processes adapted to different languages and target groups. These insights help you identify and meet actual needs, strengthening decision-makers’ ability to navigate and build a society for everyone.
Consumer Business

Employee Survey

Our employee surveys provide employers with in-depth and valuable insights by always incorporating multiple demographic factors. Considering these factors allows for a more intersectional approach in your inclusion efforts. Our employee surveys are tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives and provide useful insights for your company’s sustainability reporting in line with CSRD.

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Representative Panel

Unique panel reflecting the Nordic population, including minority groups

Subscription & Individual Surveys

Customised Panel

A unique panel reflecting your existing or desired target group. Ex. specific municipality or consumer.


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