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What makes Perspetivo unique is that our data fully represents the society we live in. With this, you will receive the most accurate insights, whether you wish to conduct a specific survey, demographic analysis of a particular area or subscribe to your own customised panel with its dashboard.

Our main products:

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You choose between ready-made question templates and custom-designed question sets. We support you in creating relevant, inclusive questions.

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Subscription or a single survey? Your own panel or our national panel? This is where you make these choices.



We distribute your survey to our digital and fully representative national panels – or your own panels that we build for you.



The data is analysed in our analysis platform where it is refined into relevant insights tailored to your current needs.



The data is transformed into insights that are delivered as a report and/or a custom dashboard. We ensure that you get a thorough walkthrough of both the insights themselves and how to easily navigate and understand your dashboard.



Based on the insights from Perspetivo, partner company The Social Few carries out measurable and digital campaigns/initiatives with a focus on activating the target groups you want to reach and engage.


Representative data means that the data collected and used for analysis reflects the entire population or the target group intended for research.

We create customised, representative digital panels consisting of randomly selected individuals to mirror desired demographics/groups, such as residents in relevant municipalities or specific sub-target groups. Each panel contains a minimum of 450 panlists, depending on the geographical size and population. Through the panel, we conduct rapid and efficient quantitative research in order to access reliable data and pinpoint trustworthy insights.

The dashboard is a dynamic tool where, in addition to differences between age groups, income levels, backgrounds, education levels, and more. You can compare various areas, cities, or neighbourhoods to gain deeper insights into the changing population of Sweden.

Perspective Density™, a mathematical formula devised, owned, and measured by Perspetivo, that quantifies the proportion of diverse perspectives within a given context. Perspective Density is used to not only measure the representation in an organisation but to also be able to connect it to growth probabilities and innovation levels.

The term margin of error refers to the range within which we can reasonably expect the true value of a population parameter to fall, considering the inherent variability in survey data. It is typically expressed as a percentage and indicates the precision of the survey results.

Confidence level represents the probability that the margin of error contains the true population parameter. Commonly expressed as a percentage, it conveys the level of certainty or confidence associated with the survey results. A 95% confidence level, for instance, implies that if we were to conduct the same survey multiple times, we would expect the true parameter to fall within the margin of error in about 95% of those surveys.

Data security is a highly prioritised area for us and we work continuously to maintain the highest level of security and privacy. We are determined to provide the highest standards on availability and security. Data privacy protection is a serious topic and we ensure that Swedish and European legal requirements are met. We use the leading providers of ISO-certified and GDPR friendly data centre services in Sweden and Germany. 

Our panellist data is located in Germany and remains in the data centre of Strato AG to name one of our centres. We collect, store and process data in the Strato AG data centre and do not use foreign servers or cloud services. The Strato AG data centre, and therefore your data, is certified and protected according to ISO27001. Our third party suppliers are also TISAX-certified (TISAX = extension of ISO27001 with addition to the automotive industry).

You can read more about our procedures, security and the personal data we collect and use at our Privacy Policy and Cookies page.

We are also a member of the organisation ESOMAR, and abide by the adopted regulations regarding research and data-gathering.

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Your personal data will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations. We protect and handle all personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable data protection legislation. You can read more about our procedures, security and the personal data we collect and use at our Privacy Policy and Cookies page.


Perspetivo is a member of Esomar

ESOMAR is a global organization that brings together professionals in the fields of market research, social research, and opinion polling.

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