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Perspetivo's analysis platform now features an interactive dashboard, enabling customers to navigate their data seamlessly through personalized user accounts. With cross-tabulation and advanced filtering capabilities, users can uncover the narrative within their data and effortlessly derive insights tailored to the specific needs of their organization. Our analysis manager, Ameer Abdulal, explains how.
Do foreign-born Swedes feel integrated into Swedish society? Which aspects of society have provided the most effective support in their integration process? Moreover, what improvement suggestions does the target group offer?
The Perspetivo platform enhances decision-making in real estate and urban development by providing data from all societal groups. Our unique approach drives sustainability, safety, and inclusivity. By aligning operations with our insights, organisations secure long-term profitability and contribute to a better quality of life for all.
By embracing these practices, companies are not just adhering to regulations but are actively participating in creating a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future for all. Our own studies show that companies fostering an inclusive work environment and leadership, and possessing high perspective density, increase their innovation tenfold.
Did you know that AI is an adept liar? That measuring social impact is a no-brainer? That Swedes born outside of Europe spend the most time online? Or what considerations to keep in mind before making financial decisions? Download the Calendar to access valuable insights!
In an effort to understand the representation and inclusivity within the Swedish fashion industry, Perspetivo, in collaboration with the Swedish Fashion Council, conducted a Perspective Measurement. This comprehensive quantitative study marks a significant step towards understanding the diverse dynamics at play in one of the most creative and influential industries in Sweden.