Dashboard as a Service

Do you want access to an interactive tool covering a city, region, or the whole of Sweden to better understand different target groups and residents for strategic decisions in your organization? Perspetivo offers a subscription to a dashboard with the latest resident data (DeSo/RegSo), providing an easy overview of the demographics relevant to you.

The dashboard is a dynamic tool where, in addition to differences between age groups, income levels, backgrounds, education levels, and more. You can compare various areas, cities, or neighborhoods to gain deeper insights into the changing population of Sweden.

Subscribe to Your Target Group:

The dashboard is a tool for getting an overview of the customer's relevant target groups and demographics.

Simple Comparisons:

An organic tool that allows you to compare between municipalities, districts, and areas.

Predictive Analyses:

A tool that provides you with knowledge about age, income, background, education level, and much more, before making important decisions.

Choose the solution that suits you best

Representative National Panel

Unique panel reflecting the Nordic population, including minority groups

Subscription & Individual Surveys

Customized Panel

A unique panel reflecting your existing or desired target group. Ex. specific municipality or consumer.