Equality data

To address inequalities in both the labor market, workplace, and society as a whole, we in Sweden primarily rely on data based on gender and gender identity. Equality data entails a more inclusive approach to gaining a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of potential inequalities, as it encompasses and embraces all seven grounds of discrimination*.

*Gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion and disability.

Based on the Seven Grounds of Discrimination

Equality Data provides a comprehensive and insightful view of potential inequalities, as it includes all seven grounds of discrimination.

Appropriate Measures

With comprehensive and insightful data, you can more easily understand how employees feel and experience their everyday working life, which gives you a good basis for developing the right measures.

Support for Follow-up

Data provides a robust and measurable foundation that can be evaluated and followed up, ensuring that your inclusive efforts are targeted and effective.

Why Equality data?

All workplaces should work towards combating discrimination to promote equal rights and opportunities for their employees. To assess which actions are appropriate to undertake in this work, a current situation analysis is required, which is where Equality data contributes. Equality data constitutes an action and activity that can be measured, evaluated, and followed up on in order to then implement the right actions moving forward.

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