Why Representative Data Matters for Urban Development

The Perspetivo platform enhances decision-making in real estate and urban development by providing data from all societal groups. Our unique approach drives sustainability, safety, and inclusivity. By aligning operations with our insights, organisations secure long-term profitability and contribute to a better quality of life for all.

Leveraging deep insights about the Nordic population, we turn data into valuable insights that support sustainable development. Our platform works as a tool for building safer, sustainable cities and properties, fostering inclusivity and reducing societal polarisation. With representative data, you can make decisions based on solid facts, ensuring our cities evolve with purpose. Representative data allows you to customise development strategies, acknowledging the unique needs of each community.

The lack of representative insights in real estate and urban development can lead to decreased satisfaction and trust for municipalities and real estate companies. This deficiency is exacerbated by increasing polarisation and a diminished sense of security, resulting in uneven urban development, marginalisation of certain groups, and a negative impact on housing attractiveness. Furthermore, this shortfall risks undermining attempts at open dialogue and community-building initiatives, deepening the divide between different societal groups.

Our platform offers access to representative panels mirroring societal diversity and the opportunity to a customised panel, ensuring continuous engagement with your specific target group. Emphasising trust-building, we adapt to language and inclusivity in our panellists’ journey, ensuring comprehensive data for your analysis. Additionally, we provide statistical expertise helping you interpret data and draw meaningful conclusions, effectively addressing urban development challenges.