How i Inclusive is the Swedish Fashion Industry?

In an effort to understand the representation and inclusivity within the Swedish fashion industry, Perspetivo, in collaboration with the Swedish Fashion Council, conducted a Perspective Measurement. This comprehensive quantitative study marks a significant step towards understanding the diverse dynamics at play in one of the most creative and influential industries in Sweden.

We aimed to uncover which perspectives are currently included, identify those that may be excluded, and discern any variances that exist based on one’s perspectives and position within the industry. This approach is vital in understanding the complex tapestry of experiences and views that shape the fashion landscape. The survey highlights the need for innovative solutions to address these challenges and involving a wide array of participants in this dialogue is crucial. 

The fashion industry, renowned for its vibrancy and innovation, faces numerous challenges, including the need for greater inclusivity and representation. These challenges are not just obstacles but opportunities – to bring in a variety of voices, ideas, and perspectives. It’s essential for the industry to mirror the diverse society it caters to, ensuring that all views contribute to shaping the future of Swedish fashion. Diversity and inclusion is not just a moral imperative but a key driver for creativity, innovation, and growth.