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Representative data means that the data collected and used for analysis reflects the entire population or the target group intended for investigation. Currently, the industry is undergoing a paradigm shift where the use of such misleading data is no longer accepted.
These directives aim to create uniformity and transparency in Europe's sustainability reporting, and it actually does not have to be as hard as it sometimes might sound. Here is why...
We explored alternative methods to provide residents and those working in Möllan with the opportunity to express their opinions and influence urban development in their area. In just a few days, we managed to capture representative voices in the area—voices that are now contributing to the development of their community.
Incorporating climate data into strategic planning is essential for organisations aiming to address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities posed by climate change and climate justice.
You've probably heard about it but perhaps (and just perhaps) you haven't had the time to dig into what it means and why it is so important. First of all - what is Climate Justice and why is it so important?
We at Perspetivo are proud to announce our collaboration with Fastighets AB Hemmaplan, aimed at enabling inclusive development of Gottsunda Centrum! Through our representative panels, we will provide Hemmaplan with reliable data and in-depth insights about residents and visitors in Gottsunda.